Here is a list of ministries that could use your services.

Thank you for your desire to help the vision God has given this Church 🙂

(Updated June 23, 2015)

Hospitality (Greeters/Ushers) Ask for John Lee

Kids Church- Help assist the leaders of the ministry or if you’re a teacher yourself. Ask for Jessie Boykin

Youth Ministry– We can use a few fun and dedicated people who are pationate about pouring into this generation. Ask for the youth Pastor, Jesse Dariano

Music Ministry-  Soundboard, Video projector, Recording Sermons.  If you have an ear for music and want to help with the soundboard or want to assist by helping record or running the video projector we would love to have you. If you are tech savvy and want to help in more creative ways, please give us a call, we would love to grow technologically. Ask for Jesse Dariano

Pantry- Our pantry ministry has been helping the members of the church for years.  We would love to grow and help as many as we can. With your help we can make that possible

Church Cleaning Team- The cleaning team is such a blessing and a simple way to give back to the church. We could always use new volunteers. Ask for Paul Wesley

Activities Team- Such an influential part of the church- the activities team helps organize and facilitate all our big events at The Rising. The more volunteers the more we can do 🙂 Ask for Katherine Ashlock

Worship Teams- A key part of our service experience- the worship teams are serious about worship and believe in the power and gifting bestowed upon them. If you have a gift and are a worshiper at heart please give us a call. We love diversity in our music.

We currently have music as our primary form of worship during the service but we are looking for artists and dancers of all kinds to add to our spirit driven worship teams.

Early Rising Cafè- The seed youth ministry is solely supported from the funds received from this ministry. It’s a simple job that just requires a love for the people and a calm demeanor during a slightly hectic afternoon rush. Ask for Amanda Dariano

Operations Team- Without the operations team the church wouldn’t run smoothly. The team does everything from painting and repairs to setting up chairs. The operations team is the umbrella ministry to the cleaning crew. Ask for Paul Wesley

Outreach Ministry– We are looking for devoted people who have a passion for people and want to invest in the community. Ask for Jesse Dariano

Please call the church  (856) 665-4494  to get fit into the ministry God is calling you to. Denise will direct you to the person you must speak with for each ministry.

 Thank you  again for your desire to help in the vision God has given this Church.