Septembers Leadership Month at The Rising

As we move into the final four months of 2013, our theme for the month of September is “Vision and Leadership,” specifically focusing on our vision and mission at The Rising and the type of leadership that will be able to execute the vision.

Sunday, September 8th– Jesse Dariano,  brings a message entitled, “Wisdom’s Call.” Click to listen

Sunday, September 15th– Pastor Charlie brings a message entitled, “Origin of leadership” Click to Listen

Sunday, September 22nd-  Pastor Charlie brings a message entitled, “Origin of leadership part2” Click to Listen


Saturday, September 28th- Dr. Williford will conduct a leadership workshop. “Workshop coming shortly”

Sunday, September 29th– Dr. Willaford brings a message on leadership entitled- The Good news in a Sad Society

Click to Listen


Click Here to read Pastor Charlies letter to the friends and family of The Rising about “Vision and Leadership” month