Meet Our Staff

Charlie Simonka

Lead Pastor
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By the authority of God The Holy Spirit Pastor Charlie has been given a clear and unmistakable direction for the Body of Christ through this Church. We are called to be a spiritual oasis for those who have been beaten down by the world and broken by the very religion they sought refuge in. The Rising is a spiritual hospital for those who need renewal and want to experience a new vigor and a new vitality for relationship with God and with others. The Rising is a place where healing can begin through spiritual community, where people will give you acceptance and love no matter where you are in life. We believe that the power of relationships, with Christ at the center of it all can transform lives.

Pastor Charlie ministers to us in such a way that the words of scripture literally jump off the page and the sermon appears to grow legs and walk right up to you and say I know where you are and where you are going because I’ve already been there. While some messages seem to sprout wings and lift your very soul to the heavens with the joy of being free in Christ Jesus, there are other teachings that you can hardly keep pace with the number of eye opening points that are bathed in wisdom and discernment. You are encouraged to take notes but you ultimately realize you must purchase the CD.

Pastor Charlie has been tried by fire and what we now see is a sight to behold. Very few teach with his authority or preach with his power. He has the unique ability to rebuke, correct, train and thoroughly equip with gentleness, patience and kindness. Pastor is an anointed servant of The Most High God and we love him here at TRC. (If you would like to read more about Charlie Simonka, please visit the Pastor page.)

Denise Brown

Administrator/Magnification Ministry Leader
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“Magnify: To glorify or praise; to extol; to declare great. Worship magnifies God. Denise uses her love for God, her passion for worship, and her artistic, creative gifts to help TRC create an atmosphere which invites the Presence of God. She believes we can experience God’s glory with all 5 of the senses He gave us and seeks to incorporate them all in the worship experience, where possible. Denise shares in Pastor Charlie’s vision to see TRC awakened to a higher level of worship.”

Luther Arline

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Luther Arline is one of our three elders at The Rising. He embodies humility, kindness, and class. His gift for speech graces our podium for announcements, and prayer leadership on Sunday. With charisma and light hearted conversation, he is able to bring a smile to anyone’s face, and light up our chapel with laughter. A long standing member of TRC, his devotion and guiding hands have helped shape our growing church community.

John Lee

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John Lee, an elder at The Rising, comes with the knowledge and experience to help move our church community forward. His drive and strong leadership have helped to organize our events, and see them through to their potential. Through steadfast guidance and a focused will, he has strengthened our church leadership and built a foundation for progress. His longtime service has been a core part of TRC’s strong leadership team.

Katherine Ashlock

Activities Ministry Leader

A leader at The Rising, Katherine Ashlock is a steadfast advocate of the details and quality of TRC activities. Her strong orderly approach to leadership has helped set the barĀ and built an efficient productive activities team. Her experience allows her to make clear judgments in resolving problems and has helped The Rising through its continued service of our Lord and Savior.